It doesn't matter what you retrofit - but how you retrofit!

Tachometer in Vehicle

With the help of our interfaces you can install retrofit units without having to abandon the original functions. The further use of steering wheel interfaces, parking aids with warning tones or the handsfree modules will be ensured by using our interfaces. Our cable harnesses, which are plug&play solutions in most cases, are therefore installed quickly and uncomplicated.

Which functions should reamin available?

Steering Wheel Buttons

With our steering wheel interfaces you can further use your original steering wheel buttons in connection with your retrofitted radio. Our CAN bus module supplies the signals: speed, clamp 15/radio status, reverse gear, illumination, phone key.

Hands-free module

Your vehicle is already equipped with a perfectly tuned hands-free installation. This installation gives you information on the original display and can be controlled by using the original steering wheel buttons. To be able to use your origninal hands-free module even after changing your original radio/navi into a retrofitted one, we offer you the optimal (plug&play) interface-solution.

Parking vehicle
Parking sensors

If you retrofit a new navigation system or radio, you will loose all warning tones (only at BMW) as well as the parking aid... Our PDC interface recovers all warning tones (e.g. icy road warning, seat belt warning, fuel warning) as well as the tones of the parking aid for vehicles with retrofitted units.


Remote-Interface: Analogue output of the remotesignal of the original radio to activate the retrofitted amplifier. By switching on the radio and amplifier simultaneously the crackling of the amplifier will be prevented.
Amplifier-interface: Activation and adjustment of the OE soundsystem without original headunit at VAG- and more vehicles.

Ignition & Illumination

Our CAN bus interface supplies the ignitionsignal (clamp 15, radio status) and the illumination signal.

Camera connection

Rear-view-camera interface for connecting the original rear-view-camera with a retrofitted radio.