Highest possible quality is our claim…

…therefore we try to produce all products in-house as far as possible. Fully automatic testsystems, as well as an own SMT placementline are helping us to stay independent. If the product is matured and repetitively manufactured, it will be delivered to our customer directly
Test Installation
Own certifications

All of our products will be inspected in detail before sale. Precautions as a climatic and shock test ensure a smooth runtime under any conditions.

Crimping-machine cable-manufacturing
Own manufacturing of cable harnesses

Flexible and fast delivery of operational samples. Additional saving of time for our customers in urgent cases as well es independency of the market.

SMD-Placement machine
SMT placementline

An own in-house SMT placementline prevents delays through other suppliers and gives us high delivery reliability.

PCB and cable soldering
High-precision work

Accurate craftsmanship and a good eye for detail makes it possible for us to be able to offer best and consistent quality standards to our customers.