Special vehicles require special solutions - and we got them!

Taxis are mobile working places in which the factor "passenger" poses unpredictable risks.
For the safety of the taxidriver we are offering the taxialarm as well as vehicle specific taxi CAN bus interfaces.
Signal waves
In areas like fleet management and carsharing nothing is functional without having a reliable transfer of data with good telematic systems.
Our products read data from the CAN bus, such as mileage and fuel level. Our interfaces translates this information into a language, which can be understood by the telematics box.
The telematics box sends this information to a server of your choice.
Vehicle monitoring or a digital logbook won't be a problem anymore.
Special purpose vehicles
Blue light
Special purpose vehicles often need unconventional solutions.
No matter if fire trucks, police cars or heavy goods vehicles - we offer you the right solution.
In this special purpose vehicles area, nowadays we need to ensure constant availability at all conceivable emergency cases.
Taxi CAN module

Taxi CAN interface

Our CAN bus interface supplies all required functionalities according to the german law §25 BO Kraft - silent and full alert as well as the signals for operating a taximeter (ignition and speed).
Analogue wiring ist not necessary anymore.

Our CAN bus module supplies:

  • Ignition
  • Speed
  • Alert
  • Indicator
  • Horn
  • Illumination
CAN2Com module


This interface provides all vehicle data in real-time to e.g. a PC or a smartphone via a vehicle-independent protocol.
Application examples:
Fleet management, digital logbook and many more.
Fixed protocol with various values. Available for multiple vehicle types. Communication via RS232, TTL-UART, Bluetooth.

Our CAN2COM supplies:

  • Fuel level
  • Mileage
  • Service
  • Warning messages
  • Cooling water temperature
  • Gear position
  • VIN
  • Speed
  • Window- and door status
  • Key status
  • Engine rpm
  • Time and date
  • Battery voltage
  • Exterior lighting
RunLock module


The RunLock interface is able to keep the engine running after leaving and locking the car. To make sure unauthorized movement of the vehicle is not possible we observe all security-related factors.