The radio-operating-system for police, emergency, fire brigade and more

R@ven BlueLight is a radio-operating-system for special purpose vehicles, especially for police, fire brigade and emergency vehicles. This system gets regularly updated and supported by our developers.

Thereby we distinguish 2 fundamental systems: universal and BMW motorcycle.

The universal system can be installed in all sorts of vehicles. For special purpose motorcycles we are offering the R@ven BlueLight BMW system.

Raven Command Panel


Our universal R@ven BlueLight system is for all vehicles - passenger cars, heavy goods vehicles and various watervehicles.
Furthermore there exists a special version for BMW motorcycles.

R@ven BlueLight can be installed and used as a one- or multi-user-system. It is used for the remote control and display of up to 4 radio devices, special signal system and ELA. Optionally it is possible to configure navigation and destination-adoption through coordinates provided by SMS or SDS. Also GSM-telephony can be displayed via the system.


  • Operation of up to 4 random composed radio devices (analogue and/or digital)
  • 14 analogue and 4 digital types selectable
  • Extensive audio settings per unit
  • Intuitive control of radio devices via scroll-bars and exact labelled function keys for channel-/group choice, favorites, operating modes and settings
  • Conversation guidance single/group with handset and/or hands-free kit
  • Support for up to 4 independent work places per vehicle
  • Usage of radio devices with selective voice buttons via microphones or headsets or rather individually switchable handsets
  • Administration ofup to 4 independent conversations simultaneously
  • Message menu for receiving SMS, SDS, FMS Shorttext and Pocsag, message dispatch SMS and SDS (full keypad for entering)
  • Status-/emergency systems analogue and digital
  • Disguising sreen for concealed installation
  • Support for the usage of vehicle's speakers
  • Ergonomic user interface with clear structure and safety-relevant priority with quick access toolbar
  • Brightness adjustment of LCD
  • Automaticaly feasible system diagnostics
  • Error logging for support activatable
  • Adjustable button- and signal tones
  • Individually adjustable audioparameters
  • Interface for administrators with many possibilities for adjusting
  • Easy read out and cloning of settings to other applications
  • Optional support for GPS
  • Navigation system
    • Suport for UTM Ref co-ordinates input
    • Fully automatic navigation with help of control center via SMS, SDS, FMS, Pocsag
    • truck navigation
  • Optional support for GSM
  • Controll of the special signal system
    • Basic functions of switch outputs
    • Complex control via CAN bus CiA447
    • Speech announcements, radio injection
    • Text selection for stop/information signal
  • Video playback for own backup or rear view camera with automatic switching
  • Extensive user setting possibilities
  • Password-protected admin area
  • Control via
    • Command Panel
    • Sepura HBC/operating hand set
    • Parallel operation with operating hand set and command panel


Features radio general
  • Sending actual status to an adjustable destination
  • Display of the last sent status
  • Display of confirmed/setted status send by operation centre (only at analogue-radio; at digital-radio it´s only possible with using VOPTA)
  • Display FMS and SDS messages
  • Release emergency call via operating device (adjustable with or without "hot mic"(prioritised speech))
  • Transitions radio/radio or radio/ELA in all combinations
  • Alphanumeric channel-/group-/statusdisplays
  • Individual compound menu with telephone book function for GSM and Tetra, call-/recallmemory
  • Channel- and group selection via individual adjustable favorits
  • Sending status and emergency to shadow call groups (current at Motorola radio devices valid from software version 5.14.10 respectively 10.6.10)
  • Manual out- and input of individual radio devices
Functions digital radio
  • Support for DMO / TMO
  • Support for gateway and repeater mode
  • Support of VOPTA (phase 0; currently in test phase at police bavaria)
  • Singleconnections half/fullduplex
  • Display of last singlecalls
  • Participant selection out of adjustable telephone book
  • Encryption activatable/deactivatable

Supported radio devices

Radio devices analogue
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG8b
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG9c
  • Bosch FuG8b/KF802
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG8b
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG9c
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80FMS
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c Teledux9/160
  • TAIT FuG8a
  • TAIT FuG9a
  • GCD FuG8a
  • GCD FuG9a
Radio devices digital
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900 with emergency call function (ext. I/O)
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG with Remote Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG with Expansion Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG ET
  • EADS/Cassidian TMR880i


There exists a wide range of compatible accessory for this RBL system. For more information you can call us or have a look at our online shop .


You want to change from analogue to digital radio? Or need further retrofits?
We will be delighted to show you possible ways of retrofitting your vehicle.
Should you have made a decision for a product, we will retrofit your vehicle and remain as your contact - also after the retrofit.

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