R@ven BlueLight

The multi-operator system for police, rescue service, fire brigade & Co.
R@ven BlueLight training 03/20

Our next training on the R@ven BlueLight multi operator system will take place on 24/25 March.
There are still places available and you can register until 06.03.2020

R@ven BlueLight is a radio control system for official and special vehicles - especially for police, fire brigade and ambulances. The system is continuously improved and supported by several developers at the company speedsignal.

We distinguish 2 basic systems: Universal and BMW Motorrad

The universal system can be installed in all vehicles. For authority motorcycles from BMW we offer the R@ven BlueLight BMW system.
Raven control panel
Our universal R@ven BlueLight system is suitable for all vehicles such as cars, trucks and various watercraft. In addition, there is a special version for the BMW Authorities motorcycles.
R@ven BlueLight can be installed and used as a single- or multi-user system and is used for remote control and Display of up to 4 radios, special signalling systems and ELA. Optionally there is the Possibility of navigation and destination transfer from coordinates provided by SMS or SDS to configure. Also GSM telephony can be mapped via this multi-operator system.


  • Operation of up to four radios of any combination (analogue and/or digital)
  • 14 analogue and 4 digital types selectable
  • Wide range of audio settings per device
  • Intuitive operation of the radios by using scroll lists and clearly labeled function keys for Channel/group selection, favorites, operating modes and settings
  • Individual/group communication with handset and/or hands-free kit
  • Support of up to four independent workstations in one vehicle
  • Discussion of radio equipment with selective talk buttons via microphone(s) or headset(s) or with individually switchable handset(s)
  • Possible to conduct up to four independent calls simultaneously
  • Message menu; for the reception of SMS, SDS, FMS short text and Pocsag, message sending SMS and SDS (full keyboard for input)
  • Status / emergency call systems analogue or digital
  • Stealth screen for concealed installation
  • Support of the use of vehicle loudspeakers
  • Ergonomic user interface with clear structure and safety-relevant prioritization with access bar
  • Adjusting the brightness of the LCD
  • Automatically executable system diagnosis
  • Error logging can be activated for support
  • Adjustable key and signal tones
  • Individually adjustable audio parameters
  • Operating software with many setting options for administrators
  • Easy readout and cloning of settings to other systems
  • Optional support of GPS
  • Navigation system
    • Support of UTM Ref coordinate input
    • Fully automatic target guidance through control center via SMS, SDS, FMS, Pocsag
    • Truck navigation
    • Optionally ignore one-way streets
  • Optional support of GSM
  • Control of the special signal system
    • Basic functions on switching outputs available
    • Complex control systems via CAN bus CiA447
    • Voice announcement, radio activation
    • Text selection for stop/information signalling devices (scroll list)
  • Video display for self-locking or rear view camera with automatic switchover
  • Wide range of user settings
  • Password protected administrator area
  • Operation via
    • Command panel
    • Sepura HBC/operator handset
    • Parallel operation with operator handset and command panel


General radio functions
  • Sending the current status to a configurable destination
  • Display of the latest status sent
  • Display of the status confirmed/set by an operation centre (only for analogue radio; for Digital radio this message is only available when using VOPTA)
  • Display of FMS and SDS messages
  • Triggering of an emergency call via the control unit (adjustable whether with or without "hot mic")(prioritized Speak)
  • Transitions radio/radio or radio/ELA in all combinations
  • Alphanumeric channel/ group/ status displays
  • Individual connection menu; with telephone book function for GSM and Tetra, call/call-back memory
  • Channel and group selection via individually adjustable favorites
  • Send status and emergency call to shadow call groups (currently at Motorola radios from Software status 5.14.10 or 10.6.10)
  • Manual switching on and off of the individual radios
Functions digital radio
  • Support of the operating modes DMO / TMO
  • Support of gateway and repeater mode
  • Support of VOPTA (Phase 0; currently in the test phase at the Bavarian Police)
  • Single connections half/full duplex
  • Display last individual calls
  • User selection from adjustable telephone book
  • Encryption can be activated / deactivated

Supported radio devices

Analogue radio equipment
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG8b
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG9c
  • Bosch FuG8b/KF802
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG8b
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG9c
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80FMS
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c Teledux9/160
  • TAIT FuG8a
  • TAIT FuG9a
  • GCD FuG8a
  • GCD FuG9a
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900 with emergency call function (ext. I/O)
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG w. Remote Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG w. Expansion Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG ET
  • EADS/Cassidian TMR880i


For the RBL system there is a wide range of compatible accessories. Please check the offer in our Shop, or ask one of our team members.
Radio retrofit
You want to switch from analogue radio to digital radio? Or do you need further conversions? We will be happy to provide you with advice on the conversion options available to you. If you have decided on a product from our range, we will be happy to retrofit your vehicle and remain your first point of contact - even after the retrofitting.
Fire brigade emergency vehicle

BMW motorcycles

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