Special vehicle construction

Special vehicles require special solutions - we provide them!
The taxi is a mobile workplace in which the passenger factor represents an unpredictable risk.
For the safety of the taxi driver, the speedsignal offers a taxi alarm as well as vehicle-specific taxi CAN bus modules.
Signal waves
In areas such as fleet management and car sharing, nothing works without the reliable transmission of data via telematics systems.
Our products read out data, such as mileage and fuel level, from the CAN bus and transmit this data in a language understandable for telematic boxes.
This in turn sends the information to a server of your choice.
Vehicle monitoring or the use of a digital logbook, for example, thus becomes child's play.
Special vehicle construction
blue light
Special vehicles often require unconventional solutions. From fire engines to police cars to trucks - we have the solution up our sleeve. In special areas, such as those of the fire brigade and ambulance service, it is nowadays necessary to ensure constant accessibility.
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