When installing CAN bus adapters in vehicles, it may be necessary to control certain functions using a button or switch. An application for such a button is to switch off the daytime running lights, to start the engine or to switch between the original display and additional external image sources on the original display in the vehicle using our DisplaySwitch.

Because distraction at the wheel can be devastating, we design our buttons to be small enough to fit almost anywhere in the car. Our buttons all have distinctive logos to quickly identify their intended use.

We already offer a wide range of concise, meaningful and easy-to-understand symbols for many functions, which are permanently engraved rather than printed. You can also choose from green, blue, red and yellow illumination colours. With a minimum order of 100 units, you can also choose your own symbol and illumination colour. You can also choose whether the printed surface of our 14mm buttons is raised or flat and whether the button should have a general stainless steel look (silver) or be black.

Need a switch rather than a button? No problem! Our push button to switch converter converts a push button signal into the on/off function of a switch (push button latch function).

Installing the pushbuttons is a snap with our cable kit, reducing installation time many times over!

Are our LED pushbuttons the perfect fit for your installation project? Have a look in our shop:

speedsignal Onlineshop – LED-Buttons


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