Thomas Härtling has taken over the business from Markus Schiffmann

Since October 2021, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Thomas Härtling has taken over the management of speedsignal GmbH.
As the previous head of development and shareholder, he knows the business of speedsignal like no other.
The core competence of speedsignal, the development of automotive electronics products, has been Thomas Härtling’s main task for almost two decades and since October he has now been steering the fortunes of the entire company.
Automotive electronics, that is what has distinguished speedsignal for more than 20 years, what we offer and live in its entirety from development, production to support.
All customers can continue to rely on a speedsignal leadership that identifies 100% with the products.
Markus Schiffmann, who previously managed the business, is leaving the company as an active body and will devote himself to other tasks.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Markus Schiffmann, who steered the boat for over 25 years as the founder and commercial director of speedsignal.
As the saying goes: Merci für ois, Markus!
We wish Markus Schiffmann all the best for the future and much success in his future endeavours.

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