European automotive journalists named the KIA EV6 “Car of the Year” in spring 2022.

Reason enough for the electronics specialists at speedsignal to take on the handsome electric Korean, which stands out above all for its high charging power with 800-volt technology.

We have added six new products to our range, which we would like to briefly introduce to you today:

The AutoAssist-OFF (B-3470095), our proven product for the automatic deactivation of the following assistance systems: Front Assist, Lane Assist and Blind Spot Assist.

The deactivation of the above-mentioned assistants is freely configurable via DIP switches.

The ADIF KA (HY03KA), a CAN bus adapter for outputting the following analogue signals:
Speed wheel sensor value (+12V), speed wheel sensor value (ground), reverse gear (+12V), lighting (+12V), terminal 15s (wheel position, +12V).

The signal box Standard (B-3450244), a CAN bus adapter for outputting the following, analogue
+12V signals: speed signal vehicle pulses, rear fog light, parking light, low beam and high beam, indicator left/right and brake light.

Signal box warning lights (B-3450224-W)
CAN bus adapter for output of the following analogue +12V signals:
Speed signal, vehicle pulses, hazard warning lights, parking lights, dipped and main beam lights, left/right turn signals and brake lights.

Tailgate module (B-3674700)
CAN bus adapter for output of the following analogue signals: Tailgate open (+12V),
output synchronous to the original indicator frequency when the tailgate is open (+12V),
Activation/deactivation of the hazard warning lights by opening/closing the tailgate (ground).

And last but not least, one of our classics, the taxi alarm system (B-34990068), an indispensable feature that always ensures the safety of taxi colleagues in accordance with §25 BO.

If you have any development enquiries, ideas or requests, please feel free to contact our specialists or make an appointment with us directly:
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