You need a retrofit?

Whether from analogue to digital radio, a new system to an older machine, retrofitting PTT switches or just a software update - we have a suitable solution for your motorcycle! We also offer a maintenance service that checks your radio functions at regular times.
Retrofitted system

Comparison of the available systems and scope of functions
System V2.1: R1200 RT (K52) | System V2 Light: F800 GS, F700 GS

General functions

FunctionV2.1V2 light
Support of up to two radios (analog and/or digital)
Support of a digital radio (Sepura, Motorola)
Talking over the radio using a gooseneck microphone
Switching between helmet operation and loudspeaker manually or automatically
Radio output either to helmet or loudspeaker
Talking over the electroacoustic system (ELA) using a stem microphone
Talking over the ELA through the helmet
Remote control via MMC controller (only available for certain functions: volume and status set)
Extra keys partly configurable for PTT, set status, talk over ELA, volume
Possibility to install 2 additional PTT
Possibility to install 1 PTT
Colour display with automatic adjustment of the display brightness
Feasible system diagnosis
Error logging can be activated for support
Adjustable key and signal tones
Individually adjustable audio parameters
Operating software with many configuration options for administrators
Easy readout and cloning of settings to other systems

General functions for radio

FunctionV2.1V2 light
Sending the current status to a selected target
Display of the last transmitted status
Display of the status confirmed/set by an operation centre Analogue radio
Display of the status confirmed/set by an operation centre Digital radio (only if standard-compliant)
Display of FMS and SDS messages
Triggering an emergency call through the control unit (adjustable whether with or without "hot mic")
Radio transfer between the radios or to the ELA
Alphanumeric channel/ group/ status displays
Channel and group selection via individually adjustable favourites
Manual switching on and off for the individual radios
Message memory SDS for more than 100 messages
Message memory SDS limited to 50

Digital radio functions

FunctionV2.1V2 light
Support of the operating modes DMO / TMO
Support of gateway and repeater mode
Support of VOPTA (Phase 0)
Single connections half/full duplex
Display last single calls
Participant selection from configurable telephone book
Digital radio encryption can be activated / deactivated
Function "prioritized speech" (network and state dependent)
Send status and emergency call to shadow call groups (currently on Motorola radios from Software version 5.14.10 or 10.6.10)
Group download of the fleet mapping from the radio Motorola (without favorites)
Group download of the fleet mapping from the Sepura radio (NRW only)
Sepura: Emergency call via PEI
Support for ranking of the speech request
Baud rate detection of the PEI
Group selection by 4-digit speed dial
Automatic update of the control panel to BR version

Supported radios - Analogue

  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG8b
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG9c
  • Bosch FuG8b/KF802
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG8b
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG9c
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80FMS
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c Teledux9/160
  • AIT FuG8a
  • TAIT FuG9a
  • GCD FuG8a
  • GCD FuG9a

Supported radios - Digital

  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900 with emergency call function (ext. I/O)
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG m. Remote Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG m. Expansion Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG ET
  • EADS/Cassidian TMR880i

Supported helmets

Helmets purchased from BMW are available both in wired versions (with federal state pin assignments), as well as in Bluetooth version (from version 2.0).

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