Finally, the time has come. The B-34990096 taxi alarm system is now available for the sleek and fully electric Ford Mustang Mach E – the safety feature for all taxi colleagues.

In addition, our development specialists have come up with a host of other interesting detailed solutions for all Mustang Mach E-based emergency vehicles:

A OneButton interface for using the voice dial for special functions. The Hänsch SynchroAdapter so that you can synchronise the vehicle indicators with the roof bar and the tailgate module that is activated or deactivated when the tailgate is opened or closed.

Of course, there are also our classics: The ADIF, a CAN bus adapter for the output of analogue signals such as: Speed signal wheel sensor value, reverse gear, lighting and terminal 15s, as well as the signal box for speed signal vehicle pulses, rear fog light, parking light, low beam and high beam, as well as turn signals left/right, brake light and hazard warning lights.

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